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meet our volunteers:


"I come to FTR because it gives a peaceful place where I can share without being judged or criticized. The employees don't just do their jobs, they are hope givers. It's where people who are used, discarded and broken are offered many different pathways to recover and become whole. In turn, help heal others and help them become whole."       

-John Unkle


" I volunteer at FTR because I believe 'to whom much is given, much is expected',
Luke : 12:48.

I came to FTR a very hopeless and broken person and the staff and volunteers there literally helped save my life! One of the great paradoxes of recovery is 'too keep I must give it away'. One of the ways I do that is by being a grateful volunteer at FTR."



As I helplessly watched my family be devastated by the effects of addiction, I was sinking in my own pit of despair, hopelessness, and heartache. Here at FTR, I have found people who truly care and understand my pain. In the meetings offered here, I continue to find healing and encouragement as I learn about the disease of addiction, how it affects the whole family, and that I need healing too! I have no greater joy than to share with others what God has done in my life and the hope He has given me once again. He can resotre us, save us from horrible situations, and give us the freedom and courage to live-- and not just live but live with joy, love, and support for one another!!

-Michelle S.

At FTR, we have a variety of opportunities to be of service to the recovery community.  We also have a desire to see people succeed.  We want to hear more about you, your passions, your interests and how you would like to be involved.  Please fill out this short form to receive more information about volunteer opportunities with our organization.

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