Our Staff


Bo Fordham

Director, CARES, SOAR, WHAM, WRAP, Prepare Enrich,


Bo is a person with over 11 years in long-term recovery.  He has great compassion and integrity.  He is understanding of all pathways to recovery and encourages others.  He has devoted his life to be a champion for recovery. Bo is diligent in the success of others.

"Recovery has offered me the opportunity to share God's Grace and the freedom of life through recovery."

-Bo Fordham

Catherine Tootle

Operations Manager, Recovery Coach, CARES


Catherine is a person with 4 years devoted to long-term recovery.  Catherine is a caring, passionate,and positive person who is actively involved in the recovery community.  Catherine is CARES certified and ambitious about helping others to recover.

"Recovery gives me the opportunity to help others. I am so excited to share my joy and passion for recovery with the world through my new career with the FTR."
-Catherine Tootle 


Sydney Hardee

 Recovery Coach

Operations/Outreach, CARES


Sydney is a person in long term recovery, with 3 years
dedicated to living a life without alcohol or illegal substances. She
is compassionate and genuine in her interactions with people, and
loves to love on others. Sydney is passionate about sharing the hope
she has found in recovery.

"I'm blessed for this opportunity to share my experience, strength, and hope with our community on a daily basis!"
-Sydney Hardee

Our Promise to Individuals of Susan Ford RCO

Through education advocacy and peer-support we will assist on finding the pathway of recovery that works best for you.