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Our Staff

Catherine Tootle

Executive Director, Recovery Coach, CARES


Catherine is a person with 7 years devoted to long-term recovery. "I embrace my recovery because it has restored my confidence. I speak out about my recovery so others will not die in silence. I live recovery out loud so others who are struggling will know that they are not alone." 


"Recovery gives me the opportunity to help others. I am so excited to share my joy and passion for recovery with the world through my career with the FTR."
-Catherine Tootle 


Sydney Hardee

Vice Executive Director

Recovery Coach, CARES


Sydney is a person in long term recovery, with 6 years
dedicated to living a life without alcohol or illegal substances. She
is compassionate and genuine in her interactions with people, and
loves to love on others. Sydney is passionate about sharing the hope
she has found in recovery.

"Serving our recovery community gives purpose to my pain. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the hope that I have found."
-Sydney Hardee

Julia Curiel

Program CoordinatorRecovery Coach, CARES


Julia Curiel is a woman in long-term recovery, with 4 years since she has used prescription and non-prescribed narcotics and alcohol to cope with life. She is grateful for a daily reprieve of her addiction. She believes in Freedom Through Recovery's mission to make recovery accessible and attainable for all who suffer from the disease of addiction.


"To do the work I've been called to do by my Higher Power is the greatest honor I've ever received. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my experience, strength and hope with others today." 

- Julia Curiel 


"Seeking truth the world is starving, but I know where the bread is at!"
-Clint Fasciano

Clint Fasciano

Recovery Coach
Transportation Coordinator


Clint is a man in long term recovery. As of December 2023 he will celebrate 16 years of complete abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol. 12 of those years were spent on missions in the far northern regions of Canada, helping to bring the message of hope for recovery to those in remote communities devastated by addiction. Excited to be back home in the southeast, Clint brings a male perspective and pastoral understanding to the amazing work being done in and through the FTR team.

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