Using Essential Oils for improved Memory

First used by Egyptians and Babylonians, essential oils have been used for their medicinal properties. Essential oils are typically used through inhalation or when applied topically- usually to the wrist, palms, and scalp.

Essential oils are the basis for aromatherapy- which is the practice of enhancing psychological and physical well-being through regular use of plant's aromatic oils. Essential oils have become a widely used tool in Western medicine to cure maladies and boost bodily function. One benefit of some essential oils is that it can help improve memory and boost focus and recall time.

Monthly groups explore the benefits of essential oils.

In July's session of Sacred Space, we explored the use of essential oils to improve memory. Here are some of the oils that are primarily used for memory aid:

1. Rosemary:

This sharp and camphorous scent has been shown to enhance proscriptive memory, which is the ability to remember things happening in the future. If you’ve been having trouble recalling your schedule—when to pick up the mail, when to schedule your next chiropractor appointment—then this is the ideal essential oil for you. Try rubbing it on your palms in the morning as you review your schedule or add a few drops to a relaxing bath at night while you rejuvenate for the next day.

2. Basil:

The sweet and refreshing scent of basil can help ameliorate both poor memory and fatigue-induced distraction. Before heading into a late night study session or prepping for tomorrow’s big presentation, inhale basil essential oil deeply. Place a reed diffuser containing 20-25 drops of basil essential oil near your study space for increased effectiveness. 

3. Cypress:

If you’re looking for a subtler fragrance, try cyprus essential oil. This evergreen scent can help to increase concentration without suffusing your entire house with the scent of licorice, à la basil essential oil and some of the other more pungent oils. 

4. Peppermint:

In need of a natural morning pick-me-up that doesn’t involve caffeine or a rooster? Try peppermint essential oil. This spicy and fragrant scent helps to wake up the mind, focus your senses, and improve your memory. Plus, it’s a natural cure for headaches. If you’re working to wean yourself off of the morning caffeine routine, this is the essential oil for you.

5. Sage:

This natural essential oil acts as a stimulant to boost your senses in the morning, without any of the crash you experience with caffeine or sugar. Pair with lemon oil or black pepper oil for complementary scents that will enhance your memory and kick-start your morning routine.

What’s your favorite essential oil to enhance focus or memory? Tell us in the comments section below!

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