Art Therapy is coming to FTR!!!!

Art therapy will now be available at FTR once a month beginning in September. We kick off Recovery Month with an art therapy session on September 4th, at 1 p.m.

Book now, seating is limited!

Stroke of Hope

Stroke of Hope is an art therapy session led by volunteer, and person in long-term recovery, Allison Coppage. She has a Bachelor's degree in Art from Georgia Southern University and works as a Graphic Designer. Allison overcome her addiction to alcohol on June 30, 2018, we she surrendered to her higher power and began the journey of recovery. Allison completed the Women's Long Term Inpatient program through Vineland, and has completed the 12 steps of AA. She works with other women in recovery to help enrich their lives and work through the recovery process.

Step 1: An Experiment in Surrender

When we give up the fight to maintain our addictive selves, we surrender to something greater than ourselves. Usually this is known as a higher power. The higher power doesn't have to be recognized in step one, only the willingness to surrender the need for control. That is what our first step will be, Surrendering control. Through the art form of pour painting, we will give up the control within the moment.

In this session, we will:

*learn to mix the paints as needed for the experiment

*choose colors that represent ourselves

*use the technique of pouring to create a visual representation of letting go of control.

Through the process of creating these visual images, we will give up the need to control what the outcome is. The image will become what it will become; no more, no less. This will be a physical carrying out of step 1. in months to come, we will continue in this tradition and complete other projects for the remaining steps.

Seating for this session is limited, so please RSVP by booking your seat on your website under the BOOK NOW link. You may also click on the STROKE OF HOPE image on the homepage to link directly to the booking page.

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