Intentional time with God is important. Prayer is important. Fellowship is important. It is the foundation for a life filled with peace and purpose.

We will be spending quality time with God in prayer and meditation in the mornings, and we invite you to join us!

intentional time with god.jpg

“Seek Me, and I will let you find Me”

God desires a personal relationship with EVERY person.

He is not some far off God up in the clouds, distant and aloof,
raining down anger and judgement.

He is a loving, merciful and compassionate God, that wants to have a friendship with each of us. God offers hope, wisdom, comfort and
peace, among many other blessings.

But He will not force Himself into a relationship with us. He desires
that we seek Him, and in seeking Him, we open the door and allow Him to fully enter our hearts and lives.

Intentional Time with God is an opportunity to fellowship and read
God's Word together, encourage one another, and pray. If you desire a personal relationship with God, please join us!