Starting February 16th, we will be hosting a women's bible study led by Tonya Wright. We will meet at 6:30pm every Sunday here at FTR. Bring a bible and a notebook. If you don't have one or both, we will provide. Please join us for fellowship with each other and with God!

Research shows having faith is most helpful for mental and even physical well being. That is why we've added some personal growth, faith building, and other Bible studies to our services.


Bible study can be done in many different ways. We've decided to share with you a Bible Study series that has an emphasis on health and mental wholeness. We touch on God's love for us and how spiritual wholeness aids in recovery.  Each study has a Bible reference for you to look up and then record the following text so you can go back anytime to your Bible ALONE and study what God has to say. 

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